US Navy Disciplines Officers For Iran Sailor Capture

US Navy Disciplines Officers For Iran Sailor Capture

A report released today details what exactly went down and lead to the capture of 10 US sailors last January in the Persian Gulf by the Iranian navy. CBS news reports that six officers and three sailors have been disciplined or face disciplinary action.

The report details that the two boats and their crews were delayed, unprepared, and ill-suited for the mission which led to poor judgment and in some cases violations of the military code of conduct while in captivity. The report relates that one sailor allegedly made “statements adverse to US interests” while being interrogated. Another sailor reportedly ordered crew members to cooperate in making an Iranian-scripted statement on camera for the release of the sailors. The crews’ higher headquarters are named in the report as failing to arrange air or surface monitoring of the boats, which might have prevented the capture.

CBS news also reports that last week the commander of the navy task force in charge of the boats during that mission, Capt Kyle Moses, had been fired.

Navy officials are saying that in response to the embarrassing capture they are stepping up training and treating the episode as a case study.

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