Opioid Overdose Deaths On The Rise, Dr. Randall Prust Discusses Opiate Free Pain Management Options

According to a recent article published on www.medscape.com by Megan Brooks, it is entirely likely that more people are going to die from drug overdoses in the US this year than die each year in car accidents, with the 2015-16 numbers likely to show an even more bleak picture. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deaths from the use of opioid painkillers and heroin have hit record levels, with over 47,055 deaths attributed to the use of those drugs in 2014, a tripling of the death numbers from those in 2000.


Dr. Randall S. Prust, Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Randall S. Prust, Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Randall Prust is one of the nation's leading experts in pain management who currently serves as the Medical Director for both The Center for Pain Management and the Tucson Surgery Center in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Prust, is the author of the book “Conquering Pain.” He joined the SMG Health & Wellness channel earlier this week to discuss why the opiate and heroin addiction numbers continue to skyrocket and what both doctors, patients and family members of those suffering with chronic pain can do to get off this cycle of addiction.

Dr. Prust explains that what was at one time the standard of practice in treating pain, i.e. prescription of opioid medications, has effectively and unintentionally created a nation of opioid/heroin addicts. While the picture might seem bleak, with the numbers almost certain to rise once again in 2016, there is hope for those suffering with chronic pain who do not want to use opioids. Pain experts, as well as general practitioners, are now beginning to utilize these breakthrough therapies and pain relief alternatives, with the task at hand being the education of patients, doctors and families as to how to utilize these opioid free alternative treatments.

Also, as this video interview reveals, there are a variety of treatment options which not only avoid opiates but which help get current users of opioids off those medications and into affordable drug and pain treatment. All of this is possible if people simply educate themselves and work with board certified pain management specialists, who can still address the core pain issues that brought them to a pain clinic in the first place, while avoiding the route to addiction which has trapped so many others over the years.

Watch for more interviews and educational content in the coming weeks and months with Dr. Randall S. Prust on the issues related to Pain management and effective treatment.

About our guest:

Randall S. Prust, M.D. is a board certified Pain Management specialist and Anesthesiologist. He has been in private practice in Tucson since 1986 and is the author of the book "Conquering Pain." Dr. Prust is currently the Medical Director of the Tucson Surgery Center which includes the Center for Pain Management. He is also the owner and President of Rincon Pain Management in Tucson, AZ. http://www.rinconpain.com/

In addition to being a national lecturer, he enjoys the great outdoors. Dr. Prust has been married for over 30 years and has two adult sons and one daughter-in- law. His hobbies include venture capital projects and training his dogs in agility.

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