Donald Trump Even With Hillary Clinton In Latest Polls

A Fox News poll released today has Hillary Clinton in the lead over Donald Trump 44 percent to 38 percent in the head to head match up. Breaking it down, Clinton appears to be the choice among women, blacks, voters under 45, and voters earning less than 50,000 dollars annually. In the poll Trump leads Clinton in white evangelical Christians, non-college educated whites, gun owners, whites, men, and independents.

When it comes to party unity, the Fox News poll shows 74% of Republicans support Trump, down from 93% support for Mitt Romney in 2012. As for Clinton, she has 83% of the Democratic party backing her, which is down from the 92% of the party support Obama had in 2012.

Another poll released today by Quinnipiac has Clinton 2 points over Trump, 42% to 40%, which is within the margin of error.

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