US Senate Rejects Four Gun Control Measures

Fox News reports that the Senate will be voting on 4 gun control measures, in response to both the massacre in Orlando and Senator Murphy’s 15-hour filibuster last week. The lawmakers were not able to compromise on legislation so there are 4 individual bills to be voted on, 2 by Democrats and 2 by Republicans.

For the Democrats, one measure would expand gun background checks and the other would keep people listed on government terrorism watch lists or suspected terrorists from buying guns. This  2nd measure is also endorsed by the Justice Department. Republicans allegedly feel both of these measures threaten the constitutional rights of gun owners.

The Republicans proposals are a measure that allows the government to delay a gun sale to a suspected terrorists for 72 hours, but would require prosecutors to go to court and show probable cause, this measure is supported by the NRA. The other would raise funds for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to ensure records are correct and uploaded into the system in a timely manner. This measure also includes language clarifying mental health issues that disqualify someone from buying a gun but Democrats feel that language actually would roll back current protections.

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