Donald Trump Fires Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

With the most significant staff change to date, CNN is reporting that Donald Trump has fired is campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. According to an adviser to the campaign, the decision was made swiftly in a morning meeting with Trump and his family and has cited his daughter Ivanka as the driving force behind convincing the Presidential hopeful to fire him. CNN also reports of an alleged issue between Lewandowski and Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner, as Kushner’s role in the campaign has grown significantly.

Campaign advisers also felt Lewandowski presented other issues, such as not being able to bring on experienced veteran strategists to the campaign and were worried that he was too much of an influence on issues that ultimately did not matter to the campaign. The move is considered by them to be a major reset, which may be what the campaign needs as calls for Trump to the down his rhetoric and to act more presidential have become louder.

The move is also expected to allow the campaign to ramp up in battleground states while transitioning from a what some have considered a concert tour into a real campaign. 

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