Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Feud After Orlando Shooting

The massacre this past weekend in Orlando has already become a big issue on the campaign trail with the New York Times examining both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s remarks and potential policies that the two presidential hopefuls have a raised in response to the attack. 

Trump has doubled down on his immigration beliefs, repeating his desire for a ban on Muslim immigration but this time also specifying areas of the world where he would suspend immigration from. Places where exists a quote “proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies.” On working with American Muslims, Trump highlighted their need to help fight terrorism but insinuated that American Muslims know who is bad within their communities and should reveal what they know to law enforcement. Finally, he accused his potential presidential contender of wanting to allow radical Muslims into the country and to take away American’s guns. 

Hillary Clinton on the other hand called for more coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and to work with the private sector to find and stop lone wolf terrorists like the Orlando shooter. She did bring up gun control and cited a ban on assault weapons as part of her solutions. Internationally, she faulted US allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar for failing to stop supporting radicalized schools and mosques which breed the violence toward the West. Lastly, she expressed support for the LGBT community, calling quote “an attack on any American is an attack on all Americans.”

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