North Carolina Governor Sues Feds Over Transgender Bathroom Law (HB2)

In response to the Justice Department's challenging of House Bill 2, North Carolina has sued the DOJ, according to a report in Reuters. Last week the Justice Department sent three letters to officials in the state giving them a deadline to reverse their law that defines gender by the sex the person was born as. The department sees the law as a civil rights violation against transgender people, and allegedly millions of dollars of federal education funding may be at stake for North Carolina. 

North Carolina Governor and the Secretary of Public Safety have sued the Justice Department and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch for their “radical reinterpretation” of civil rights laws and baseless and blatant overreach. The governor allegedly asked for an extension on the deadline but was refused.


It is unclear whether the department of justice will take legal action themselves if the state continues upholding the law.

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