Bernie Sanders Threatens Floor Fight At Democratic National Convention

Bernie Sanders says he will remain in the race until the final vote is cast and is now threatening a floor fight at this summer’s Democratic National Convention. The Associated Press is reporting that the Vermont Senator and surging presidential candidate sent a letter to the chair of the DNC Debbie Wasserman explaining how the committees should reflect the level of support that he and Hillary Clinton received in the primaries and caucuses. Sanders not only eyes the presidency but wishes to revamp the primary system to allow independents to vote in every state as well as cement his policy goals as standards of the Democratic party platform, such as banning fracking, raising minimum wage, and healthcare reform. He also wants to“rethink” the super delegate system, which to this point has not been equal in reflecting what Democrats are saying at the voting booths.

Wasserman is quoted as stating on MSNBC that she wishes to reform the primaries to all be closed to independents. 

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