Donald Trump Becomes Presumptive GOP Nominee With John Kasich Dropping Out

With Ted Cruz suspending his campaign last night and the news of John Kasich dropping out of the race this morning, that leaves Donald Trump as the official presumptive Republican nominee for President.

Trump has been winning in big fashion throughout the primaries and will likely break Republican voting records. As of the last Super Tuesday Trump had completely surpassed the amount of votes Mitt Romney received during the 2012 primaries and with 9 states left to vote. He has received more than 10 million votes so far and is positioned to pass the holder of the current record, George W Bush and his 10.8 million votes in 2000, according to Politico.

There still may be an anti-Trump movement within the Republican party but thwarting 10 million votes and counting may be insurmountable. 

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