Donald Trump Attacks Press On Veterans Fundraiser Claims

Donald Trump held a press conference today to deal with the criticism from the press over his fundraiser for veterans that he held at the beginning of the year when he was boycotting a debate on Fox News. The criticism stems from the inconsistencies in the total the campaign claims was raised and questions about where the money was going. According to the Associated Press, Trump and his campaign had previously refused to disclose which charities were receiving the funds, causing much skepticism among journalists. The official total raised as per Donald Trump at today’s news conference was $5.6 million, which differs from the $6 million claim he made during the fundraiser and the $4.5 million total his campaign manager had previously revealed.

The presumptive Republican nominee was not happy with the suspicion and said that the press should be ashamed of themselves.

Veterans are reportedly split, with some groups planning on protesting Trump for using veterans as "political props."

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