Donald Trump Clinches GOP And Possible Debate With Bernie Sanders

The Associated Press is reporting that Donald Trump has the number of delegates he needs to clinch the Republican nomination without a contested convention. Trump says that “almost everybody” in his party supports him. Trump’s push from unbound delegates is what has reportedly put him over the 1,237 delegate threshold.

Looking towards the final Super Tuesday and California’s monster primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were expected to debate in the Golden State until Clinton declined the invitation by Fox News, leaving Sanders“disturbed.” With that development, some hints at a surprise debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been tossed around, with Trump saying he’d be happy to engage Sanders in a debate as long as significant money goes to charity. Sanders replied via Twitter saying “Game on.” 

With Clinton inching closer to the delegate mark and Sanders striking just as hard and continuing to stay very relevant in this election, this debate with Trump could be a tipping point for the Sanders campaign and a hint at a possible big victory in California. 

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