Severe Storms and Tornadoes Cause Disruption Throughout Midwest

Massive tornadoes yesterday in Kansas, Colorado, and Texas, coupled with severe flooding, resulted in fatalities in parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The severe weather created a "perfect storm" to potentially slow down East-West transit on one of the peak weeks for relocation and moving in the United States. 

The storms in Kansas were a massive cluster of powerful tornado activity, with dual funnel clouds appearing at times. Fortunately, despite the power of the storms and damage they caused, no fatalities were reported, although two people were reported critically injured in the storms. 

The flooding in Oklahoma and Arkansas was equally disruptive and nearly fatal for a Jonesboro boy who was swept into a ditch but found safe blocks away. The national weather service reported almost 6 inches of rain in that region, with more heavy rain possible today as well. In Oklahoma, a fatality was reported after a car was swept into a flood after 5 inches of rain fell north of Oklahoma City. More rain and possible tornado activity are expected today.  

The last week of May and the first week of June are typically major relocation time periods where corporations and employers look to transfer their key employees and executives, so as to minimize disruption for schools, take advantage of larger home inventories and smooth transitions ahead of the summer vacation season. As Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arkansas all are intersected by either I-70 or I 40, two of the major East-West interstates, it is reasonable to assume that long haul trucking and moving lines will be adversely impacted by this linger weather pattern that most meteorologists expect to last through Memorial Day weekend in the heart of the country. 

If you are planning on traveling this Memorial Day weekend, stay on top of the weather forecasts in those areas. If you have a moving van scheduled to travel that section of the country, it is safe to say you will be looking at some possible delays, so check with your relocation company for details and up-to-date information.

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