US Cruise Ship Makes Historic Arrival In Havana, Cuba

A historic docking took place today as the Adonia arrived in Havana. She is the first cruise ship to make the trip from the US in nearly 40 years. The Carnival Cruise line ship is expected to make the trip twice a month from Miami to Havana, and more than a dozen more cruise liners making trips are expected to bring tens of millions of dollars to Cuba, possibly $80 million a year.

US tourism to Cuba was booming before the Cuban revolution in 1959 and ended entirely after Castro overthrew the US-backed government there.

The current Cuban government sees the cruise ships as a good source of revenue that does not add pressure to the country’s food supplies or hotels.

The Adonia will visit three Cuban cities: Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba, with activities on board highlighting Cuban culture.

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