Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Lead Indiana Polls

Indiana votes tomorrow in their primary with 92 delegates up for grabs for the Democrats and 57 winner take all delegates for the Republicans.

An NBC Wall street journal poll released this weekend has Donald Trump in the lead with 49 percent, Ted Cruz with 34 percent, and John Kasich with 13 percent. For the Democrats, the poll has Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders 50 percent to 46 percent.

Investors Business Daily released the most recent nomination poll for the nation. The Republicans have Donald Trump in front with 48 percent, Ted Cruz follows with 29 percent, and the John Kasich with 16 percent. The Democrats have Hillary Clinton with 49 percent and Bernie Sanders with 43 percent.

For the rest of the month, primaries will be taking place in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Nebraska, and Washington.

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