Six New Concussion Lawsuits Filed Against NCAA

The New York Times is reporting that six concussion lawsuits have been filed this week against colleges and the NCAA by former football players. The Players are seeking financial relief for the lasting effects from concussions sustained during their playing days, in one of the suits the player competed in the 1970s. The defendants in the filings are Penn State, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Georgia, Oregon, and Utah, as well as conferences like the Big 10, Pacific 12, and the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA.

These lawsuits are separate from the original class action against the NCAA which took place in 2011 and resulted in a settlement which did not include payments to former players only future protocols, unlike the NFL concussion settlement which allotted money for payments to former players. The proposed NCAA settlement does however include 70 million dollars for medical screenings for former athletes.

Experts feel the suits face an uphill battle as they believe proving negligence against the NCAA is much harder than with the NFL. 

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