TSA Under Fire For Long Airport Lines

In response to a slew of complaints this past week of outrageously long airport security lines across the country, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it will be increasing overtime and working to bring in more screening officers. Summertime is inevitably a busy travel season, and long lines are expected. But even the most seasoned travelers have been caught off guard. Busy airports like JFK and LaGuardia have demanded the TSA add more staff to reduce the wait times. Some have even reportedly threatened to replace the TSA with private companies.

Without taking any kind of dangerous shortcuts, the department has also said it will take additional steps, like more canines assisting in screening, accelerating the hiring of nearly 800 new security officers this summer, and giving airport security directors flexibility in assigning employees.

CNN reports that one of the reasons for the long lines is that the TSA have workers leave in high numbers but are not replaced at the same rate. Congress this week offered some relief in the form of reallocating $34 million in its budget to increase security officers at airports. The department reminds travelers this summer to have the appropriate expectations when it comes to the security checkpoints.

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