Obama Pushes For Transgender Rights In Public Schools

A letter going out this week to every public school district in the country from the Obama Administration reportedly contains “sweeping directives” that transgender students use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, according to the New York Times. The letter, intended to make sure no students are discriminated against, does not have the force of the law but does include a threat of lawsuits or a loss of federal aid if the directives are not followed..

The administration was already under fire from critics who believe the it has overreached its power in trying to shut down North Carolina’s new law requiring that people use the bathroom of the gender of their birth. This letter is sure to elicit that same resistance, as the letter is seen as the government wading into local affairs.

A blog post that accompanies the letter by Justice and Education department officials states that the letter is in response to the growing number of inquiries over the best practices for the treatment of transgender students.

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