Bernie Sanders Leads In Wisconsin Polls, Donald Trump Ahead In New York

Wisconsin’s primary is tomorrow. With New York’s primary looming on the horizon, let's see what some of the latest polls are telling us.

For the Republicans, the latest Emerson poll for Wisconsin has Ted Cruz on top with 40% followed by Donald Trump with 35% and John Kasich with 21%. A CBS poll over the weekend found similar results. Wisconsin would be a big win for Ted Cruz and the rest of Trump’s opposition within the party. A CBS News poll for New York has Donald Trump remaining in the lead by a wide margin with 52%, followed by Ted Cruz with 21% and John Kasich with 20%. 

On the Democrats side. the Emerson Wisconsin poll has Bernie Sanders taking the lead with 51% to Hillary Clinton’s 43%. In New York, the CBS News poll has Hillary Clinton on top with 53% to Bernie Sanders’ 43%. Although Clinton still has a double digit lead represented in New York, Sanders has succeeded in chipping away at what was once an even more sizable lead, for example an Emerson poll from March had Clinton up by 48%.

Investor’s Business Daily released a nomination poll today. For the Republicans, Donald Trump leads with 38%, followed by Ted Cruz with 31% and then John Kasich with 19%. For Democrats, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by just 1 %, with 45% to his 44%.

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