Hospital In Syria Destroyed By Airstrike Killing At Least 27 People

A hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders in a rebel-held area in the Syrian City of Aleppo has been destroyed by airstrikes, killing at least 14 patients and staff. It is not clear who carried out the airstrikes. A second strike killed at least twenty more people. The hospital was crucial for the area, since it contained an emergency room, and intensive care unit, and an operating theater.

Violence in Syria has been worsening as of late, and it is unraveling the cease-fire agreement made between the US and Russia in February in order to jump-start peace talks. A victory in mostly rebel-held Aleppo would be huge for the Syrian government, which may be why the city, once Syria’s largest commercial center, has been targeted and is now developing into a humanitarian disaster.

According to the UN, in recent days, an average of one Syrian is killed every 25 minutes while one is wounded every 13.

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