Dennis Hastert Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison

Dennis Hastert, the former House Speaker, was sentenced today to 15 months in federal prison in a hush money case which revealed he was being accused of sexually abusing young boys while working as a wrestling coach in Illinois, according to CNN. The judge also stated that Hastert should participate in a sex offender treatment program.

Hastert pleaded guilty last year to structuring bank transactions to avoid requirements to report where the money was going.

In addition to Hastert's apologizing, his attorneys filed letters on his behalf from his family and former members of Congress in hopes for leniency, highlighting his selflessness and integrity during his political career and life. Prosecutors think the abuse should not be ignored.

The primary accuser in the case is now suing Hastert to receive the remaining money he was promised, the victim alleges Hastert breached a private settlement agreement for 3.5 million dollars for his silence.

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