Tamir Rice's Family Awarded $6 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who was fatally shot and killed by Cleveland police in November 2014, one of many shootings which prompted widespread outrage, will be receiving a $6 million settlement from the city of Cleveland. While the agreement must still be approved by a probate court, this settlement is one of many that major American cities are paying out to the families of African Americans killed at the hands of police. It also avoids a federal civil rights trial and any larger judgments.

The Rice family had called for criminal charges against the officer who opened fire on Tamir, but a grand jury last year decided not to indict him.

Tamir Rice was shot near a recreation center while carrying a real looking pellet gun. A 911 call was placed reporting a juvenile with a weapon that was quote “probably fake,” but those descriptions were allegedly not relayed to responding officers who were there to encounter a male with a weapon. The settlement comes after a thirteen-month investigation full of controversy.

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