Donald Trump Leading Tuesday Primary Polls, Bernie Sanders And Hillary Close

Five states are voting tomorrow, lets see what the latest polls have to say…

For Pennsylvania, Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump leading the way with 51 percent, followed by Ted Cruz with 25 and John Kasich with 22. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton leads 51 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 41 percent. Pennsylvania is the largest state for delegates in tomorrow’s primaries.

Public Policy Polling released Connecticut numbers, for the Republicans Trump is dominating with 59 percent, followed by Kasich’s 25 and Cruz’s thirteen percent. Clinton is only two points above Sanders in Connecticut, 48 to 46.

For Rhode Island, Trump leads the way with 61 percent, followed by Kasich with 23, and Cruz with thirteen percent. Sanders leads Clinton 49 percent to 45 percent.

A Gravis poll for Delaware released last week has Trump with 55 percent, Kasich 18 percent, and Cruz with 15 percent. While Clinton is on top of Sanders 45 to 38.

Finally, for Maryland, a Gravis poll has Trump leading with 53 percent, Kasich with 24, and Cruz with 22. For the Democrats, a Monmouth poll has Clinton with 57 percent to Sanders 32 percent.

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