Donald Trump Leads Polls In Northeast States, Bernie Sanders In Striking Distance

Another Super Tuesday is going down next week with Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island all holding primaries for both parties on the 26th. Let's see what new polls are saying.

A Franklin & Marshall poll for Pennsylvania has Hillary Clinton with a wide margin lead, 58 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 31 percent,while a Monmouth Pennsylvania poll has the gap smaller with Hillary Clinton at 52 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 39 percent.

For the Republicans, that Franklin & Marshall Pennsylvania poll has Donald Trump in the lead with 40 percent, Ted Cruz second with 26 percent, and John Kasich close behind with 24 percent.

Quinnipiac released a poll for Connecticut. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is in the lead with 51 percent to Bernie Sanders 42 percent. On the other side, Donald Trump leads with 48 percent, followed by John Kasich with 28 percent, and Ted Cruz with nineteen percent.

In Delaware,  a Gravis poll has Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders 45 percent to 38 percent. Donald Trump with 55 percent, John Kasich with eighteen percent, and Ted Cruz with fifteen percent.

And finally, a poll for Maryland has Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders 58 percent to 33 percent and Donald Trump in the lead with forty 43 percent, followed by John Kasich with 29 percent, and Ted Cruz with 24 percent.

On April 26th, 462 delegates are up for grabs for the Democrats and 172 for the Republicans.

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