Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Lead New York Polls, Bernie Sanders Inches Closer

With three candidates having major connections to the state, New York’s primary may have some surprises. Two hundred and 91 delegates are up for grabs for the Democrats while the Republicans will share 95 delegates proportionally.

A new Quinnipiac poll for the Empire state released today shows that, among Republican candidates, Donald Trump continues to lead with 55 percent, followed by John Kasich with 20%, and Ted Cruz with 19%. That same poll for the Democrats has Hillary Clinton with 53% and Bernie Sanders with 40%.

Another poll by New York One has the same 13% gap between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and widens Donald Trump’s lead to 43% over John Kasich. Bernie Sanders, the Brooklyn native, has been inching closer to the Democratic frontrunner over the past few weeks. Ted Cruz has fallen back to sitting in third place because of his comments about New York values during one of the many Republican debates, not to mention the funding gap between Trump and Cruz.

There are two votes Donald Trump won’t be getting on April 19th in New York: the votes of his children Eric and Ivanka, who apparently missed the deadline to register as Republicans. New York is a closed primary, and the two were reportedly not affiliated with any party.

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