Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Win Michigan Primary

As polls suggested, Donald Trump has won Michigan’s primary for the Republicans; but for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton did not. Bernie Sanders managed the upset after polling behind Clinton constantly by double digits and won a tight 49.8% to Clinton’s 48.3%.

Trump won with 36.5% of the vote, garnering 25 delegates. Ted Cruz finished second with 24.9%, followed very closely by John Kasich with 24.3%. Marco Rubio finished fourth with 9.3%.

In Mississippi Hillary Clinton won by a landslide 83% to 17% for Sanders. For the Republicans Donald Trump also won Mississippi with 47%, followed by Ted Cruz with 36%.

Ted Cruz took home a victory in Idaho while Donald Trump finished the night taking Hawaii as well.

Looking ahead to the next big day of voting, coming up next Tuesday are the primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. For the Democrats that list reflects 792 delegates, and 358delegates up for grabs for the Republicans. Ohio, Missouri, and Florida are all significant for the Republicans since each of those states are winner take all primaries. 

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