Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Show Strong Leads In Latest Michigan Polls

The Michigan primary is tomorrow and we have some fresh polls to discuss.

For the Democratic ticket, there are two new polls, one a lot closer than the other. The Monmouth poll has Hillary Clinton leading with 55% to Bernie Sanders’ 42%,  while the Fox 2 Detroit poll is claiming Hillary Clinton with 66% of the vote to Bernie Sanders’ 29%. As we have seen through the completed primaries, the northern states tend to be friendlier to Sanders, while Clinton dominates in the south. Michigan looks to be yet another close contest for the divided Democratic party.

Then there are the three new Michigan polls for the Republican party in Michigan, each with Donald Trump sitting on top. The Monmouth poll has Trump with 36%, followed by Ted Cruz’s 23%, then John Kasich with 21%, and Marco Rubio finishing last with 13%. Fox 2 Detroit’s poll has Trump sitting even higher with 42%, Kasich with 20%, Cruz with 19%, and Rubio with 9%. The only notable aspect of the final poll is that Cruz and Kasich tie with 23% for second. John Kasich seems to be having a bit of a surge occurring which is even more bad news for Marco Rubio.




Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Win Michigan Primary

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