Knife Found Buried In OJ Simpson Former Estate

The Los Angeles police are investigating and testing a knife that was recovered on property once owned by OJ Simpson. Strangely enough the knife was allegedly turned over to a police officer many years ago by a person working construction at the property. That police officer never submitted the knife and only notified other detectives about it over the last few months. The officer is now retired. An investigation was immediately launched and the knife is currently being tested by the authorities. 

The murder weapon in OJ’s infamous murder trial in 1995 was a huge issue for prosecutors and finding it now could bring life back into the legendary case. Carl Douglas, an attorney and member of OJ’s legal dream team, scoffed at the development citing the indications that there were two different knives may have been used in the brutal double murder.

OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders which means the case can still be reopened but he cannot be tried again due to double jeopardy.

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