Police Officers Will Not Face Criminal Charges For Death Of Jamar Clark

A county attorney in Minneapolis announced today that the two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark in November will not face criminal charges. His death sparked protests at the time and this announcement is expected to result in further demonstrations.

Police say that the 24 year old man was the suspect in an assault and that he was allegedly interfering with paramedics trying to treat that victim. He allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend and she was the one who called 911. He then encountered the two officers. Clark ended up in an altercation with the police and was on the ground with one of them. The officer on the ground called for the other to shoot when he believed Clark was going for his gun. Some witnesses reported seeing Clark being shot while in handcuffs but forensic  and video evidence established that he was not cuffed during the altercation. The two officers were placed on leave during the investigation.

Demonstrations after the shooting turned into a shooting itself with four men being charged so authorities in Minneapolis are attempting to calm and stop any reactions to this announcement that may result in more violence. 

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