Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Hold Tight Leads In Wisconsin Polls

With the Wisconsin Primary coming up next Tuesday some new polls have arrived, lets take a look.

Marquette released a poll today, for the Republicans in Wisconsin Ted Cruz is on top with forty percent, followed by Donald Trump with thirty percent, and John Kasich with 21 percent.  An Optimus poll for the same state released yesterday was interestingly close with Trump on top with 31 percent, followed closely by Kasich with 29 percent, then Cruz just under with 27 percent. One of the narrowest polls yet to be seen for the Republicans.

On the Democratic end that Marquette poll has Bernie Sanders in the lead with 49 percent to Hillary Clinton and her 45 percent.

Public Policy Polling has two new nomination polls. For the Republicans Donald Trump has 42 percent, Ted Cruz with 32 percent, and John Kasich with 32 percent. For the Democrats Hillary Clinton has 54 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 36 percent.

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