Bernie Sanders Leads National Poll, Donald Trump Ahead In California

Coming off of Bernie Sanders’ big weekend winning the caucuses in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, let's see what some new polls are saying.

For the Democrats, a new California poll by the LA Times has Hillary Clinton on top of Sanders by 11%. California’s primary with its 546 delegates will be on June 7th, giving ample time for Sanders to possibly close the gap. A new Poll for Pennsylvania has Clinton on top by a wide 25% over Sanders. And last week a Bloomberg poll for the Democratic nomination has Bernie Sanders on top of Hillary Clinton by 1%.

For the Republican party, looking ahead to April 5th’s Wisconsin primary with its winner take all 42 delegates, a Free Beacon poll has Ted Cruz on top with 36%, followed by Donald Trump with 31% and John Kasich with 21%. The LA Times poll for California has Trump on top of Cruz by only 1%. Pennsylvania’s latest poll has Trump with 33%, John Kasich with 30%, and Ted Cruz with 20%. Bloomberg’s poll for the Republican nomination has Donald Trump with 40%, Ted Cruz with 31%, and John Kasich with 25%.

North Dakota will be holding its caucus for the Republicans on April first followed by Wisconsin voting for both parties on April 5th.

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