Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump For National Enquirer Affairs Story

The National Enquirer released a story this week claiming a Washington insider has released information regarding Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and his alleged five mistresses.

The Texas senator has already spoken out against the accusations, saying they are “garbage” and lies. He is taking aim at Donald Trump and accusing him and his associates of orchestrating the smear campaign. Recently, Cruz and Trump have been fighting over involving their spouses in their campaigns. Last week, an anti-Trump super PAC released ads in Utah aimed at Mormon voters that had a picture of Trump’s wife posing mostly nude. Ted Cruz and his camp deny involvement in the ad, while Donald Trump and his camp deny involvement in the National Enquirer story.

Trump released his statement on the matter, hoping it isn’t true and distancing himself from the scandal, but highlighting the fact that the National Enquirer has been right regarding infidelity stories, such as the John Edwards and Tiger Woods bombshells.

The story, whether true or not, already has many intricacies. There are connections between former staff members of Cruz who working for Trump, Trump’s relationship with the media company which owns the National Enquirer, and a Ted Cruz affiliated super PAC donating half a million dollars to Carly Fiorina’s campaign fund in July of last year which is being characterized as alleged hush money.

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