3 Arrested In Brussels Raid Linked To Bombings

Overnight raids in Brussels detained at least 6 people in wake of the bombings this week. More arrests are expected to be announced. In addition to those raids a major police operation occurred Friday morning in Brussels. In the same neighborhood, a taxi driver claimed to have picked up who authorities believed were the three airport bombers. Reports are that police closed off a large area, and two alleged explosions and gunfire were heard. It was announced that the operation ended with the wounding and arrest of an individual--not identified--who was connected to Tuesday’s attacks.

The searches in the neighborhood even included masked teams in hazmat gear. This is the same area where days earlier authorities raided an apartment and uncovered fifteen kilograms of the explosive TATP, chemicals, other equipment used in creating explosives, and an ISIS flag.

An additional arrest was made in Germany as a 28-year-old Moroccan man was taken into custody following a routine check at a train station. His ID check revealed that he is barred from much of Europe, had unsuccessfully requested asylum in Italy and Germany, and had checked into a hospital for an unspecified injury the same day Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam was taken into custody after a violent raid. The man also had text messages on his phone with the attackers' names and one that read “fin” or end that was received minutes before the final explosion in Brussels on Tuesday.

As of today, two suspects are still at large: the unidentified hat-wearing airport bomber and another unknown suspect connected to the metro bombing..

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