Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Lead In Wisconsin Polls

Emerson released a new poll today for the Wisconsin Primary on April 5th. For the Republicans, the winner-take-all state has Ted Cruz on top of Donald Trump by 1 percent with thirty 6 percent to Trump’s 35 percent while John Kasich is polling at 19 percent.

The race for Wisconsin looks to be tight for both parties. On the Democratic end we have voters favoring Hillary Clinton 50 percent to Bernie Sanders 44 percent. Likely not a comfortable lead for Clinton as Sanders continues to make these states competitive.

Some head to head national polls were released today as well. Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump by 6 percent and Ted Cruz by 3 percent while losing to John Kasich by 8 percent. Bernie Sanders beats Trump by 14 percent and Ted Cruz by 11 percent while losing to John Kasich by 1 percent.

Coming up next are the Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington caucuses on Saturday for the Democratic party.

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