ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terror Attack

Deadly attacks broke out in Brussels this morning; reports have three explosions occurring, two at the main international airport and another in a subway station near the European Union headquarters.

At the time of this report, at least 30 people are dead, 14 at the airport and 20 in the subway, with nearly 200 other people wounded. One of the two explosions at the airport is being reported as a suicide bomb. It is not yet clear how the other blasts were created.

The attacks come at the heels of the capture last week of the most wanted man in Europe by French and Belgian authorities. Salah Abdeslam is considered the last surviving member directly involved in the November Paris attacks. There is also an intensified search for another terrorist accomplice.

All flights and transit in Belgium have stopped and the Prime Minister has asked the population to quote “avoid all movement” as they brace for any additional attacks.

Authorities added that border security has been strengthened and additional police have been mobilized throughout Belgium and France.

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