Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Win The Arizona Primaries

Donald Trump has won the winner-take-all state of Arizona today. He receives another 58 delegates for the victory.

Looking ahead for the Republican party, the next major primaries are in April, starting with Wisconsin and its winner-take-all 42 delegates. They are followed by the New York primary with 95 delegates up for grabs in the proportional vote. An Emerson poll from last week has Donald Trump crushing the field in one of the more lopsided polls, on top of Ted Cruz by 52% with Trump garnering 64% to his 12%. John Kasich is polling at 1% for the state.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton has won the Arizona Democratic Primary creating more distance between her and Bernie Sanders.

Looking ahead for the Democratic party, later this week Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington will be caucusing. A total of 172 delegates are up for grabs, 118 in Washington alone. Then in April there is Wisconsin and its 96 delegates, Wyoming Caucus with 18, and then the New York primary with 291 delegates. As of the latest Emerson poll for New York, Hillary Clinton has a large lead up 71% to Sanders’ 23%.

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