UN Adopts New Sanctions On North Korea

In order to put even more pressure on North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, the United Nations Wednesday imposed some of the strongest measures on the hermit nation. The harsher sanctions come after North Korea conducted an alleged hydrogen bomb test and reportedly disguised a satellite launch as a missile test over the past two months. 

The sanctions are vast, with mandating cargo inspections for all goods going in an out of the country by sea and air, stifling aviation fuel supplies, banning sales of all small arms and weapons to North Korea, and prohibiting transactions that raise money for the country through sales of its natural resources.

Part of the aim for the new sanctions were to target the country’s elites and to avoid quote “adverse humanitarian consequences” for civilians. Another key part of the measures is its support from China, one of North Korea’s only consistent allies and its key trading partner. China has warned North Korea about the tests and reports say there is a concern for their border if North Korea becomes unstable.

Reports say that North Korea has announced that more sanctions would not hurt so now the international community will wait and see.

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