Paris Attack Suspect Salah Abdeslam Captured In Brussels

Police in Belgium may have a key suspect wanted in connection with the Paris terror attacks last November in custody. The suspect was apprehended this morning in a raid by police in Brussels. Another suspect was also taken in.

The DNA and fingerprints of the main suspect, Salah Abdeslam, were found two days earlier during another raid at a Brussels apartment, which is where another suspect thought to have directed some of the attacks in November via phone calls was killed by special forces. Authorities also found traces of explosives along with Abdeslam’s fingerprints in an additional apartment back in January.

Investigators believe Abdeslam may have been the driver of a vehicle that dropped off three suicide bombers near the Stade de France on the night of the attacks. They also found a suicide belt on the street which they believe was Abdeslam’s. Surveillance video was found showing him and another man at a gas station near the Belgian border one day after the attacks and he managed to hide from authorities till this morning.

Abdeslam is a Belgian-born French citizen and also the brother of another attacker who detonated a suicide bomb during the Paris attacks.

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