ISIS Leader Omar Al-Shishani Dies After U.S. Airstrike

A senior Iraqi intelligence official and head of a Syrian activist group reported today that a top Islamic state commander Omar al-Shishani has died of wounds he suffered after a US airstrike in Syria earlier this month. Although other alliance sources have confirmed the death there has been no confirmation by ISIS and an islamic state affiliated news agency had even denied al-Shishani had been injured, offering no further details.

al-Shishani, who was deemed a very important figure by the US, served originally as military commander for the territory ISIS controls in Syria, then became commander of the Islamic State ground forces, according to an Iraqi author close to the group. He was an ethnic Chechen from the nation of Georgia.

US led airstrikes have been focusing on ISIS leadership like al-Shishani but the terrorist group still controls large areas in Iraq and Syria.

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