Donald Trump Leads In Florida Polls, Close In Ohio

Here we are on the eve of Super Tuesday 3 with 5 big primaries tomorrow in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. Lets see what the latest polls are saying

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is leading by double digits in North Carolina and Florida over Bernie Sanders. Out of 3 Ohio polls Bernie Sanders gets close with being just 5 points behind in 2 of them, making Ohio a state to watch. Illinois is also very close with Clinton at best polling 6 points over Sanders and one CBS poll having Sanders leading by 2 points. Considering Hillary Clinton’s dominance in the south it is a surprise to see Sanders surging in Missouri to take a one point lead. There are 792 delegates up for grabs which could have some lasting effects on the divided Democratic party’s journey to a nomination.

Tomorrow could be very big for the Republican candidates as the field of four could possibly be cut in half due to the results. Donald Trump has a dominant lead in Florida over Marco Rubio, polling on average 20 points under Trump, and if Rubio can’t manage a Hail Mary win in his own state he could be looking at the end of his campaign. Same goes for Ohio as John Kasich is giving Trump a run for his money polling 5 points over Trump in one poll and tying in another. If Kasich can win his home state of Ohio he may be able to stick it out until the convention. In Illinois and Missouri Trump looks to have most of his competition from Ted Cruz as he is in striking distance polling behind less than 10 points. In North Carolina Trump sits again over Ted Cruz by double digits. Out of the available 367 delegates two hundred and 26 are winner take all.

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