Jessica Alba's The Honest Company Is Under Fire Over Laundry Detergent

Honest Company, the business co founded by Jessica Alba that sells ecologically friendly consumer products, is in hot water as two independent lab tests commissioned by the Wall Street Journal have found that their products may not be as friendly advertised.

The company guarantees that their products don’t contain harsh chemicals that are found in many household products, mostly cleaning supplies, and specifically note the absence of a cleaning agent called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is found in detergent and toothpaste and allegedly can irritate skin. One of the independent tests on Honest Company’s laundry detergent found a quote “significant amount of sodium lauryl sulfate, while the other test found the same concentration of the agent as in Tide detergent.

Honest Company has responded to the study claiming their own tests have found no SLS and that their manufacturing partners and suppliers have provided assurances as well of the absence of SLS. When The Wall Street Journal reached out to Honest Company’s chemical supplier they found that the SLS content was listed as zero only because they didn’t add any and they allegedly had no reason to test for the agent. They claimed a quote “miscommunication” between them and Honest Company.

Jessica Alba started Honest Company in 2011 after she claimed to have an allergic reaction to a name brand laundry detergent.

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