Donald Trump Leading In Florida Polls, John Kasich Ahead In Ohio

Tonight the GOP presidential field will meet in Miami, Florida to debate for the twelfth time. 

A main focus for the GOP is Tuesday’s primaries in Florida and Ohio. Florida, which is important for Marco Rubio since its his home state, has Donald Trump leading all polls over Rubio who takes second. Interestingly the Washington Post poll has Trump up by only seven points while the Fox News poll has him over twenty.

Ohio looks to be interesting since it is John Kasich’s home state to which he is currently governor, he’s polling just behind Trump in single digits in some polls and a new Fox News poll released today even shows Kasich on top by five points.

As for today the delegate count is Trump on top with 458, Ted Cruz behind him with 359, Marco Rubio with 151, and John Kasich with 54. Between Florida and Ohio there are 165 winner take all delegates. 

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