Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Look Good Heading Into Super Tuesday

The latest Emerson poll for Texas has Ted Cruz with thirty five percent followed by Donald Trump with 32 percent and Marco Rubio with 16. Possibly the only true nail biter for the GOP field today. Trump continues with double digit leads in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky.

For the Democrats in Texas Hillary Clinton leads with 68 percent to Bernie Sanders 31 percent but in one Oklahoma Sanders leads with 48 percent to Clinton’s forty three. Hillary Clinton has more giant leads, 71 percent in Alabama and seventy percent in Georgia. Massachusetts looks to be another closer contest with Clinton’s 47 percent to Sanders’ forty four.

In head to head general election polls run by CNN, Hillary Clinton only beats Donald Trump 52 percent to 47 percent, losing to Ted Cruz by one percent and Marco Rubio by 3 percent. Bernie Sanders however fared better in the head to head polls beating Trump by 12 percent, Cruz by 17 percent, and Rubio by 8 percent.

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Win Big On Super Tuesday

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