Dr. Lisa Tseng Sentenced To 30 Years For Killing 3 People By Prescribing Painkillers

Lisa Tseng, the southern California doctor on trial for the overdose death of three of her patients has been convicted. A judge in Los Angeles sentenced her to thirty years to life in prison and made her the only doctor in the United States to be convicted of murder for recklessly prescribing drugs.

Tseng made her practice into a quote “pill mill” of sorts, catering to young patients who paid in cash for their prescriptions. Many of her patients drove long distances to see her, she hardly ever performed medical exams, and prescribed drugs when there appeared to be no necessity for them.

The conviction is relevant for the nation is in the middle of a heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic with doctors like Tseng making it all that much worse by ignoring public health and addiction for money.

Tseng’s defense claimed she was in over her head in dealing with manipulative, drug-seeking patients and intends to appeal both the conviction and the sentence.

For more insight check out the Legal Broadcast Network’s interview with Lisa Tseng’s defense attorney, Tracy Green.

Lisa Tseng Convicted in 'Pill Mill' Case, Sentenced to 30 Years to Life

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