Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Have Heated Debate In New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had their first one on one debate last night in New Hampshire, just days away from their primary where polls are showing Bernie Sanders leading by double digits. The face off was intense as the two candidates hit every topic from healthcare, reining in Wall Street, funding college tuition, and of course the threat of ISIS.

Clinton made a hard stance on what she deemed a quote “artful smear” by the Sanders campaign to make claims she’s been bought by her Wall Street donors and defended her progressive label as someone who is trying to become the first woman president of the United States.

Sanders kept to his message of representing working class families and holding Wall Street and the ultra rich accountable after the bailouts.  He also reiterated is stance on health care being a right and pointed out other nations in the free world who are successfully providing healthcare better than the US.

When it came to foreign policy many reports say this is where Clinton shined and Sanders stumbled. When asked to rank the threats of Iran, North Korea, and Russia he answered ISIS and when grilled more the senator conceded to North Korea being the biggest threat because of it’s isolation and paranoia. Sanders has conceded that Clinton has more experience due to her four years as Secretary of State but points to his judgement and career voting record as support.

The intense debate showcased just how split the Democratic party may currently be. Tuesday in New Hampshire will be another chance to see which way the party may be swinging.

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