Martin Shkreli Pleads The 5th, Smirks At Congress

Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical executive who infamously raised the price of Daraprim, a sixty two year old drug used by AIDS patients, by nearly fifty times, appeared today in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He was supposed to testify but reports are that Shkreli repeatedly exercised his fifth amendment right in order to avoid self-incrimination. 

This did not sit well with the members of the committee and neither did Shkreli’s alleged smirking and subdued laughter throughout the barrage of questions and scolding.
Shkreli’s former company Turing Pharmaceuticals and other companies have all participated in unwarranted price hikes on popular or old drugs drawing outrage from the public. This circus surrounding his behavior likely took most of the attention away from the seriousness of the issue. 

Shkreli is being indicted on federal securities fraud charges stemming from an arrest in December.

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