Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Hold Leads In Newest New Hampshire Polls

The New Hampshire primary will be upon us this coming Tuesday, so let's see what the most recent polls can tell us. In the Democratic field, the latest UMASS/7 News poll looks very similar to CNN’s most recent, with Bernie Sanders up twenty-two points. The lead sounds comfortable, but Sanders predicted in last night's town hall in New Hampshire that the race would be close, just like it was in Iowa.

The same poll for the Republicans has Trump at the top, with twenty-one more points than a second place Marco Rubio, with fifteen, and Ted Cruz within one point of Rubio. Cruz’s camp obviously wants another strong outing. But if Trump’s support comes out in droves and Rubio repeats his strong appearance in Iowa, we could see a complete reshuffling of the top three GOP hopefuls. Not to count out Kasich, Bush, or Christie, who all seem to be polling middle of the road and could always make a surprise splash.

In a more broad poll, Public Policy Polling’s latest looks purely at the nomination with Hillary Clinton sitting twenty-one points over Bernie Sanders. The Republican side is much tighter with Donald Trump on top with twenty-five, Cruz and Rubio tied with twenty-one, followed by Ben Carson with eleven and Jeb Bush with five.

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