Donald Trump Increases Lead In National Polls, Bernie Sanders Losing Ground

A new nationwide CNN poll is showing just how solid Donald Trump leads the GOP field with one of his widest margin’s yet, on top of Marco Rubio by 33 points with 49 percent of the vote. Rubio is on top of Ted Cruz by1 point, followed by Ben Carson and John Kasich. As individual states go, A UMASS poll for Massachusetts has Trump similarly on top by 32 points with 47 percent, over a tied Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and an NBC Wall Street Journal poll for Tennessee has Trump on top by 18 points over Ted Cruz with forty percent of the vote. Numbers like these can’t look anything but hopeless for candidates entering Super Tuesday not named Donald.

In the Democratic field CNN’s nationwide poll has Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by 17 points with 55 percent of the vote. In Massachusetts that lead for Clinton is down to just 3 points but in Tennessee her lead balloons back to 26 points with sixty percent. Sanders clearly fares better in the North East than the South, as seen by his South Carolina results and his New Hampshire win.

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