Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, And, Hillary Clinton - President Betting Odds

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are still in the lead in all of the national polls, but what does that say about their chances of winning? No body is better at predicting the odds of a winner than odds makers at a casino. 

According to the online sports book website Bovada, Hillary Clinton is still the favorite to win the Democratic presidential nominee. You'd have to bet 1000 dollars to win 100 if you want to make any money on the former secretary of state. While Bernie Sanders odds come in at 4 to 1. 

On the republican side Donald Trump is the odds on favorite to win the nominee but not by as much as you might think. You'd have bet 300 dollars to win 100 on Trump. Marco Rubio is the only serious competition in the eyes of the odds makers, His odds are a 2 to 1 while Ted Cruz and John Kasich appear to be long shots at 40 to 1. 

The odds to win the Presidential election also favor Hillary Clinton, you'd have to bet 150 dollars to win 100. Trump would be the next favorite at 2 to 1, Marco Rubio comes in at 5 to 1 and for those of you curious michael bloomberg is next at 25 to 1. 

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