Bill Gates Weighs In On Apple's Clash With The FBI

The legal fight between US Law Enforcement and Apple over encryption of their products and security could lead to a whole new industry, according to tech industry executives. If Apple loses the case and law enforcement is allowed access to personal information companies may shift toward what some call a “zero-knowledge state” meaning the customer would have sole custody of the data. This would make it so the companies would not be able to crack into their products therefore not responsible to answer to law enforcement inquiries on information. According to Apple employees the tech giant has no such plans to make such a shift.

The FBI feels encryption hobbles their enforcement efforts and acts as a safe haven for terrorists which is why they have continuously fought for new laws to maintain access to private information in the digital age.

Bill Gates weighed in on the controversial issue but did not take a clear side, like Mark Zuckerberg and other industry giants have stood behind Apple. He believes since it is one instance, which the FBI echoes, and with the right safeguards it could be valuable in helping stop terrorism but notes that a balance must be struck, citing abuses by the FBI using information in the past. 

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