Donald Trump Wins The Republican Nevada Caucus

It has been projected that Donald Trump has won the Republican Nevada Caucus. Once again Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz fall short of pulling off the upset. While John Kasich and Ben Carson round out the group. This makes 3 states in a row for Trump and with Super Tuesday next week lets see if he will continue the streak.

Looking ahead, some new Super Tuesday polls were released. In Texas, we have Ted Cruz sitting on top 8 points over Donald Trump, with Marco Rubio 14 points below Trump. A poll for Georgia has Trump on top by 9 points over Rubio with Cruz 4 points behind Marco. In Vermont Trump is on top by 15 points over Rubio, followed by Cruz 6 points behind. John Kasich is nipping at Cruz’s heels being one point behind.

And finally a new Ohio poll today has Trump on top 5 points over John Kasich who is polling 5 points over Ted Cruz, followed by Marco Rubio.

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